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Yes ! I finished the allgau panorama ultra trail And look at the nice reward !

Despite the pain in my right knee I finished fit and happy. If it was not for the knee pain I could have been faster. Until km 55 all was good. But since I could not run downhill anymore the last 15 km took way longer then expected. Still proud to have finished even slightly faster then last time. I did not do any extra training for this race, just my basic 5/6 rounds a week of 10 / 17 km. Quit surprised and happy to see that my base condition is strong enough to run a tough race like this one.
The http://www.allgaeu-panorama-marathon.de/ Ultra is one of my favorite runs; realy well organized, nice and friendly staff, all very supportive, Also a great track with sometimes spectacular views. The 70 km distance is good to handle and the hight meters (3000!) make it hard enough but still do able.
This was the third time I participated in this race, and definitely not the last time.

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Gear used for a 70k ultra trail run with 3000 vertical meters in the German Alps.

  • 1 package Peronine food (used at at km 40)
  • Tape and emergency stuff.
  • Sun cream
  • Wett toilet paper
  • Walking sticks
  • 2 small 0,5l water bottles
  • Buff
  • ultra light Rain jacket

I will run on my trusted inov-8 shoes, carry the stuff in my Mammut Ultra light backpack. Salamon pants, inov-8 shirt. Salamon trail running socks.

Next stop: http://www.allgaeu-panorama-marathon.de/

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Learning By Thinking

Sometimes you think you understand something, and when you try to explain it to somebody else, you realize that maybe you gained some new insight that you didn’t have before. Maybe you realize you didn’t understand it as well as you thought you did.

via: https://www.edge.org/conversation/tania_lombrozo-learning-by-thinking

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The Mirror of Dharma

The Mirror of Dharma is an important, but often forgotten teaching in Buddhism. It is found in the “Last Days of The Buddha” suttra. Ananda, Buddha’s closest follower, is troubled by questions about what happened to other followers (Sanga) after they have died.

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I Wanna Be Your Dog

Iggy Pop (70!!!!) – I Wanna Be Your Dog – live FYF Fest, July 23, 2017

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