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Year: 2013


three hours and more miles while climbing stairs, ships pass feet touch desert sand

From Hamburg into the desert

112 Days to go till the 29th Edition Marathon des Sables – 04 to 14 April 2014. That’s less then a 100 training sessions. If I would count an avarage of 12.5 km for each training session thats about 1250 km, so training is not over yet. I feel that I am on track with […]


While you’r here, please take some time to visit: www.betterplace.org where I created a fundraising page for the Childern-hospice Sternenbrücke. Sternenbrücke children`s hospice is a facility for children and teenagers with terminal or degenerative illness – a hospice for young patients for whom there is no cure and who have a limited period left to […]

The 41. RWW Herbstwaldlauf

Not my best day, but I finished the 50km in around 5.43. I had stomach issues and wanted to bail out at km 25, but after a few pitstop’s things calmed down. Unfortunately tissues were all used so a Buff and a Hat were lost in action… The weather was great, it had rained a […]