Human beings are rule-following animals by nature; they are born to conform to the social norms they see around them, and they entrench those rules with often transcendent meaning and value. When the surrounding environment changes and new challenges arise, there is often a dis-junction between existing institutions and present needs. Those institutions are supported by legions of entrenched stakeholders who oppose any fundamental change.” (The Origins of Political Order + Political Order and Decay – Francis Fukuyama )

On vulnerability

Everybody is vulnerable at every stage of their lives; everybody is subject to illness, accident, personal tragedy, political and economic reality. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t also resilient and resourceful. Bearing other people’s vulnerability — which means sharing in it imaginatively and practically without needing to get rid of it, to yank people out of it — entails being able to bear one’s own. Indeed it would be realistic to say that what we have in common is our vulnerability; it is the medium of contact between us, what we most fundamentally recognize in each other.



The 41. RWW Herbstwaldlauf

bottropNot my best day, but I finished the 50km in around 5.43. I had stomach issues and wanted to bail out at km 25, but after a few pitstop’s things calmed down. Unfortunately tissues were all used so a Buff and a Hat were lost in action… The weather was great, it had rained a few hours before, so the track was pretty muddy. But that did not spoil the fun. The 41. RWW Herbstwaldlauf was again very good organised, great support, friendly volunteers and a nice track. The track has some slow slopes, and is mostly in the forest. All in all a great day in Bottrop at the Herbstwaldlauf.