Ignorance is a long life and happiness.

The secret to living a long life, says Ukranian goat herd Grigoriy Nestor, is never having sex with women. Nestor is 116 years old, unmarried. “People that were not married like me live longer. People who get married just argue all the time, and that’s not good for your health….People who know too much always come to a nasty end. Better to stay stupid and not wonder too much about anything.


Human beings are rule-following animals by nature; they are born to conform to the social norms they see around them, and they entrench those rules with often transcendent meaning and value. When the surrounding environment changes and new challenges arise, there is often a dis-junction between existing institutions and present needs. Those institutions are supported by legions of entrenched stakeholders who oppose any fundamental change.” (The Origins of Political Order + Political Order and Decay – Francis Fukuyama )

wish us luck

“all theories like clichés shot to hell, all these small faces looking up beautiful and believing; i wish to weep but sorrow is stupid. i wish to believe but belief is a graveyard. we have narrowed it down to the butcherknife and the mockingbird. wish us luck.” – Charles Bukowski