Training on the Hamburg beach

Yesterday around 15:00 I went for a longer run. My goal was run 3 hours or around 30km. So I filled my backpack with drinks and some food and went out, Weather conditions were fine, around 8 c no rain and a bit windy. From my house I took the shortest way to the Elbe (35 min) and from there a ran on the sandy beach following the river in the north direction. I did this for about one hour, and while running I could watch the sun set and the big ships passing by. After more ore less one hour, I took a short break and while walking I had some food, candy and dry fruits. Then I stared to run back following the higher road, which has some pretty steep hills. It was getting dark but there was enough ambient light, so no need to use my headlight. I reached the point where I started to follow the river and from there I ran home.
I ran almost exact 30k in about 3 hours and 20 min. My average speed was slower then normal, mainly because running on a sandy beach slows down and I also took time to eat and walk. Parts of my longer training runs will be walking. Learning to walk efficiently is for ultra marathons as important as running. All in all a nice run, and a great track. Running next to such a big river never gets boring.
Enjoy your runs !