Zen running

This experience is
a newly discovered
form of meditation
one more way
for you
to discover you.

whatever you do
with your running,
you only cheat yourself
by pushing, pressing, competing.
There are no standards
and no possible victories except
the joy you are living
while dancing your run.
in any life
joy is only known
in this moment — now!

so feel the flow
of your dance
and know
you are not running
for some future reward —
the real reward is now!

in the running
in the run
— now —
why not start

From the book: The Zen of Running. I found a downloadable version of The Zen of Running, Fred Rohe’s 1970s “classic” and probably the the original “Born to Run. It’s a short, meditative, book about accepting the rewards of running in the present, feeling your body throughout the process, and starting small, conquering the feasible goals while ignoring ego. Zen running as opposite to [[Kinhin]], Mindful walking ? (http://zen-running.maxfun.at/)

“The path to the top of the mountain has 99 curves. How to we walk through these 99 curves straight?” – Willigis Jäger

@ Amazon: The Zen of Running or here in PDF formatThe Zen of Running (PDF)